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Change the World, Starting Just Down The Street

Sometimes the troubles of the world seem so big it’s hard to know where to start or how to make an impact.

Maybe a good place to start is right in your own neighborhood!

Fresh Start Inc. is working with the Sun Valley Local Residents Council to provide assistance and support for families and youth in need here in Denver.   The community Fresh Start is currently focused on is the Sun Valley neighborhood located in the Central Platte Valley.

Few realize this isolated community in the Platte Valley children make up 54% of total residents.

Fresh Start is working with these children in need to provide resources to meet their basic needs and programs to help them pursue their life ambitions

Our mission is simple.  Fresh Start is working to improve the lives of the children and families in Sun Valley.

Children and Youth with real needs rely on assistance to help them get through difficult times – and unfortunately their needs, although they are just down the street in our own city, are not always widely publicized.

Fresh Start Inc. and our partners provide families with support and resources and basic needs.  By donating, you can connect with your neighbors and help your community reach its full potential.

Why Sun Valley?

Denver is a extraordinary city with amazing scenic beauty and an incredible urban lifestyle for it’s residents.  However, just a few minutes south of downtown is an isolated neighborhood in need.  Sun Valley has had a history of serving some of Colorado’s most vulnerable and deprived families and children.

Much of Sun Valley’s population (94% according to the 2000 census) resides in 10 blocks dominated by publicly subsidized housing. Only about 5% of the neighborhood’s population live in owner occupied units. The rest of the neighborhood consists of industrial areas, Xcel power plant, parks, city service buildings, Sports Authority Field at Mile High and its surrounding parking lots. According to the 2000 census, Sun Valley’s population was 1,496 representing a 2.6% increase over the 1990 population. The census showed that children make up 54% of the residents.

This makes Sun Valley the only Denver neighborhood where minors outnumber adults.

Community Garden and Outdoor Learning Lab

2013 was an exciting year. We moved into our new facility and, with the help from our friends at Excel energy and Master Gardener Bonnie Spitze, we created and opened our own Urban Garden.

The Fresh Start urban garden features permaculture and vertical gardening techniques. The kids and families are learning about gardening, conservation, and neighborhood beautification while instilling healthy and nutritious eating habits.

Our overall goal is to teach families about healthful practices while empowering them with the ability to grow their own foods cost effectively and in limited space. Teaching the kids to be good stewards of the land and promoting pride in Sun Valley is equally important. Our Sun Valley kids are on their way to reclaim neighborhood space and to become environmental stewards.